One more reason to be active on social media – It can help you lose weight!

Yes you read it right! Social media can help you lose weight. A study conducted at the Northwestern University discovered that members of an online weight management program who logged on frequently, recorded their weigh-ins, and sent friend requests to other users lost seven to 10 percent of their body weight compared to those who didn’t have many friends (they only lost about five percent). Peer

In another study conducted at University of Southern California, one group of adults listened to two nutrition and fitness podcasts each week, while another group listened to the podcasts, reported their workouts, and connected with other study participants on Twitter. Every 10 tweets corresponded to a 0.5-percent weight loss!! Guess Twitter can be a useful part of a weight-loss program— who knew?!

It makes sense that being part of a community and being accountable generates positive reinforcement and can lead to successful weight loss and maintenance. At Heartbeat, we are trying to foster such a community. Come join us and meet similar-minded people for fitness and great heart health. Have questions? Ask here.

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