Love Potion

Ah, sweet marital bliss… Right? Did you know unmarried people have a lower life expectancy? A recent study of people suspected of having coronary artery disease – blockages in the arteries of the heart that can lead to heart attacks – showed that being married was associated with less risk of heart disease and death. This was true even after they factored in known risk factors. I guess it goes to show you a little love potion goes a long way. Here are the take-home points. 


Not being married was associated with:

  1. 24% increase in death from any cause
  2. 45% increase in death from cardiovascular disease

What’s love got to do with it? Science may not know everything about love, but it seems there may be something special about having that special someone. So as you walk under the mistletoe this holiday season, think about following your heart!


If you have questions about your risk of heart disease, ask Heartbeat’s top doctor today!

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