Go Nuts for Your Heart!

You’re nuts! Just kidding… unless you are what you eat. Then maybe we should all be nuts together! There’s always been a lot of interest into what types of diets are best for protecting against cardiovascular disease, the largest cause of death in the US. When a research study came out in 2013 showing that a Mediterranean-style diet, including nuts and olive oil, helped decrease heart attacks and strokes by over 25%, a lot of doctors have been talking about what to recommend.

One article published recently gave some additional evidence that may have everyone going nuts about nuts! True, you probably couldn’t survive on nuts alone, at least not happily, but they may have some real benefits. Plus, while almonds and other tree nuts get all the credit, what about our good ol’ friend, the peanut? Results show that eating peanuts or tree nuts 2 or more times per week was associated with about 15-20% decrease in the risk of cardiovascular disease!

Before you go grab that serving spoon and start chowing down, though, be warned: unfortunately, they didn’t find the same results for peanut butter. It’s hard to tell whether that’s because of the unhealthy things people tend to eat with that creamy wonder, or if there’s just something about it that’s different.

Next time you can’t decide what to have for a snack, don’t go crazy… go nuts!

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