Getting Hot and Healthy

Does thinking about your heart health make you hot? Does your version of going to the gym involve going straight to the sauna? You’re in luck! It certainly seems like getting hot is connected to your heart health!

There was a recent study out of Finland that looked at the association of sauna bathing with dying of heart disease in men aged 42-60. Sound like something you might want to try? Do you really need much convincing if someone told you to spend more time soaking in some heat in a sauna? Yea… me neither.

Check this out though: compared to 1 sauna session per week, having 4-7 sessions per week was associated with up to a 50% reduction in dying from cardiovascular disease. The average time people would stay in that relaxation station was about 14 minutes at about 79°. Better yet, they found that the people that stayed in longer and went more frequently had even better results.

Aside from avoiding death, other studies have shown beneficial effects of using various kinds of “heat therapy” like hot baths on blood pressure and functioning of the arteries. One study even showed that it helps control blood sugar better than exercise!

Let’s summarize the good things about saunas here:

  • It feels fabulous
  • It’s easy
  • It improves your health
  • More is better
  • It probably even helps you live longer

Hopefully by now, you’re reading this from inside a sauna or a hot bath and all this talk has made you hot! Get to it! Get hot and healthy!

If you have questions about your heart health, ask here or visit the Heartbeat website to find out how you can stay heart healthy!

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