Heartbeat Life: Having Fun With Heart Health

Do you find heart health fun? Well, by golly… why not?! If you’re like us, you’re probably curious about how you can maximize your heart health. Or maybe you’re interested in learning more about your heart. Perhaps you ask yourself why it’s easier to find advice about physical fitness on the internet than it is to ask a doctor who specializes in cardiovascular health. There’s good news and bad news: the good news is that Heartbeat’s got your back; the bad news is… hmmm, we’ll let you know if we think of any.

Now it’s time for a game of word associations… we’ll try to read your mind, but feel free to play along. Before reading this, if we said “Cardiologist,” the first words you would think of would probably somewhere along the lines of “heart attack,” “chest pain,” “heart disease,” and maybe “old people problems.” We’re not here to judge, but we’d like to change that.

With Heartbeat Life, here’s how version 2.0 of the word association game should go. When we say “Cardiologist,” the first words you’ll think of will be words like “hang out with my doctor,” “exercise with my doctor,” “learn about my heart,” and “help my fitness goals.” Say what?! Yes, that’s right.

Heartbeat Life is here to offer you the opportunity to hang out with and learn from a Cardiologist about your heart health while helping you achieve your heart health goals. After all, Cardiologists are real people who can be a lot of fun to learn from. They’re great if you have a heart diagnosis, but they’re also great for asking questions! Find out more at Heartbeat Life.

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