Echo Meditation: Mind Your Heart

If the mind and the body are so connected, why aren’t people doing more for the mind to treat the body? When it comes to heart disease, the mind-body connection is well established. Conditions such as stress, anxiety, and depression all increase the risk of heart disease. So could something that dates back to 5000 BCE be part of the solution to heart disease? Furthermore, if there are no side effects and it’s cheaper than many medications out there to do, why aren’t more people addressing heart disease in this way? Should Cardiologists be incorporating mental wellness into their practice?

According to the American Heart Association in a consensus statement, there is evidence that meditation can help prevent cardiovascular disease, lower blood pressure, and reduce stress. They conclude that “studies of meditation to date suggest a possible, though not definitively established, benefit of meditation on cardiovascular risk reduction.”

So my question is this: when it comes to counseling patients on improving their heart health, why aren’t people recommending more lifestyle changes like meditation? Sure, we all know there are clearly established benefits for exercise, the right diet, not smoking, etc. But why aren’t we all meditating?

Well, Heartbeat Life and Edye Caine have put their minds together to get to the heart of this issue. With a guided meditation using imagery from a soothing live ultrasound video of your own beating heart, echo meditation is born. As you watch your heart beat, you are sure to find yourself relaxed as you take the journey through your mind and into your heart.

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Left to Right: Dr. Edo Paz (Clinical Director, Heartbeat); Ms. Edye Caine (Founder/Intuitive Therapist, Healthy Mind Happy Heart); Dr. Mark Abrams (Director of Patient Engagement, Heartbeat)

Domenica Murano from Westchester, NY was one of the first people to try echo meditation:

“So much more than I expected… beyond words.”

She went onto say, “Everybody should experience this! It really made me aware of how… hard my heart works to keep me alive.” She said it made her realize that while she’s always thought of needing to take care of her heart, the experience changed her perspective about how much her heart takes care of her.

Ruth Kambar, from Greenwich, CT (pictured above), who had never meditated before, but tried echo meditation said:

“I really did not know what to expect, but once given into the experience, I was carried… and then comforted.”

You probably have questions, so here are a couple of answers to things you’re wondering about:

  1. No, you won’t find echo meditation anywhere else.
  2. Yes, you can come for more than one session.

With heart disease as common as it is and most of it preventable with lifestyle changes, mental wellness is a crucial part of the picture. That’s why Heartbeat’s Cardiologists have teamed up with Intuitive Therapist Edye Caine, to offer something old, yet something totally new, in order to help you put your mind on your heart health!


You can book your Echo Meditation here. If you have questions about echo meditation, email us or visit our website. Edye Caine can be contacted through her website here.

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