ENDS is no means to an end – E-cigarettes and the Heart

It is commonly thought that replacing the cigarette with an e-cigarette is as good as replacing sugar with splenda! But guess what – it is actually as bad!

The Electronic Nicotine Delivery Systems (ENDS), also called e-cigarettes, are products that produce an aerosolized mixture containing flavored liquids and nicotine that is inhaled by the user. These products are marketed as safer alternatives to tobacco and have a great appeal among the youth or those who are trying to quit. However, new research reveals significant health risks of e-cigarettes with nicotine.

In a recent study evaluating impact of e-cigarettes, participants’ vital signs were monitored during and after they had smoked a cigarette, e-cigarette, or nicotine-free e-cigarette. They showed that elevation of blood pressure and heart rate after use of e-cigarette was longer than that noted after use of cigarette suggesting that the potential harms to the heart and blood vessels can be at least as much, if not more, than with conventional cigarette smoking.

In another study from earlier this year, a study led by UC San Francisco evaluated about 70,000 people and found that smoking e-cigarettes DOUBLES the risk of heart attacks! Moreover, most people who smoke e-cigarettes also smoke cigarettes, and their combined use increases the risk of heart attacks by a whopping FIVE times!!

Sorry to bring more bad news, but studies are also increasingly documenting that instead of encouraging smokers to quit smoking, as scientists and policymakers had hoped, e-cigarettes are reducing the likelihood that people quit smoking. In a population-based survey conducted in 2015-2016, the results of which were just published last week in a leading medical journal, it was found that smokers who used e-cigarettes were about half as likely to quit smoking than those who smoked conventional cigarettes.

So, for all the e-smokers out there, it may be time to acknowledge that ENDS is no means to an end!

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