Doctors gearing up for the digital visit

Technology has led to a paradigm change in all our walks of life – and healthcare is certainly one of them. There have been many technology advances that impact the practice of medicine over the last several decades. Everything from improved digital imaging options to electronic health records has changed the way that doctors and patients work together. The rise of telemedicine –or virtual doctor … Continue reading Doctors gearing up for the digital visit

The Maze of Specialty Healthcare

As a physician training in cardiology, it is sobering to witness the inefficiencies of our healthcare system, and the resulting barriers to high-quality specialty care faced by our patients. While patients feel the brunt of this broken system, other stakeholders including physicians, healthcare systems, and payers, don’t have it easy either. The ‘system’ seems to work against everyone. Lets walk in the shoes of each … Continue reading The Maze of Specialty Healthcare

The Patient-Doctor Relationship

Perhaps without realizing it, there has been a transition over the past decades in the way that Medicine is practiced that has resulted in less satisfied patients and more burnt out doctors. The jargon that we use to strictly describe these models of care include the terms paternalistic and patient-centered. In the paternalistic model, patients come for a visit and the doctor tells them what … Continue reading The Patient-Doctor Relationship