New Diet Cures Obesity

That would be amazing! Unfortunately, life doesn’t work like that. There is a new study though that tested out the alternate day fasting strategy compared to a more typical calorie-restricted diet. They took 100 men and woman and assigned them to a fasting group, a calorie restriction group, or a group that didn’t change their eating habits. Fasting – 25% daily calorie needs followed by … Continue reading New Diet Cures Obesity

Carbs vs. Calories: Choose Wisely

What’s something that everyone loves? I’ve never met anyone who doesn’t love carbs. They’re just so darn yummy. If you’re trying to lose weight or control diabetes, what should you do? Are carbs or calories your worst enemy? Without getting into how each diet you see out there works and why it’s good or bad for certain people, here are some general facts about carbohydrates … Continue reading Carbs vs. Calories: Choose Wisely

One more reason to be active on social media – It can help you lose weight!

Yes you read it right! Social media can help you lose weight. A study conducted at the Northwestern University discovered that members of an online weight management program who logged on frequently, recorded their weigh-ins, and sent friend requests to other users lost seven to 10 percent of their body weight compared to those who didn’t have many friends (they only lost about five percent). … Continue reading One more reason to be active on social media – It can help you lose weight!