Heartbeat News

November 2018:

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Heartbeat is excited to share our recent press from CNBC. Dr. Wessler, Heartbeat’s CEO, says, “I wanted to figure out whether we could go from a reactive to a proactive state.” Although Heartbeat started in 2016 and has been seeing patients for only about 1 year, we are well on our way toward our mission to make heart disease a thing of the past. Through a multidisciplinary team of doctors, engineers, designers, data scientists, patient experience experts, and most importantly you, we are excited to offer a full range of cardiovascular care focused on preventing heart disease at any age. To read the article from CNBC, click here.

October 2018:

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The new and improved check-in process at Heartbeat will be made available in October and will allow your doctor’s visit to be more about seeing the doctor and less about frustrating paperwork and filling in forms. New patients at Columbus Circle and Upper East will be able to register at home before their first visit. By doing that, you’ll be able to spend less time checking in and filling out forms while also helping to prevent errors that often occur with data entry. The new and improved check-in system will also guide you through a process to help us personalize your experience at Heartbeat.

Traditional healthcare is transacted over reams of paper and unnecessarily complex software. We believe that we can reduce the processing time by building a paper-free office and simplifying workflows. The typical stack of forms has been replaced with a simple step-by-step walkthrough on an iPad. Scanning IDs and insurance cards with the built-in camera is fast and effortless. This update also lets our staff put a face to your name and ensures that the insurance information is entered correctly the first time.

Smart Suggestions
We challenged the team to go beyond the blinking cursor. Now when asking for preferred pharmacies and labs, the app will suggest convenient options with a partial address or name. The new app will also let you share information about your other doctors so we can keep your whole healthcare team in the loop.

We are just beginning to scratch the surface on how we plan to use technology to make seeing a cardiologist easier… and dare we say, even fun! Let any Heartbeat team member know when you like something and tell us how we can make it better by dropping us a line at hello@heartbeathealth.com.

September 2018:

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Left to right: Nayan Jain (Chief Technology Officer); Dr. Jeffrey Wessler (CEO); Paul Julius (VP Operations); Dr. Aakriti Gupta (Lead Data Scientist); Dr. Mark Abrams (Director of Patient Engagement); Dr. Edo Paz (Clinical Director)

Heartbeat Health and New York Physicians have joined forces! Dr. Edo Paz, Heartbeat’s Clinical Director, has now opened up our second location inside of New York Physicians at 59th and Madison. He’s there three days per week, making access to top-notch cardiology consultations and testing easier than ever for our East Side patients. For those who prefer to visit us at our Columbus Circle location, that option is still available.

Since opening our doors, we have helped more than 300 patients and can’t wait to keep growing our practice. As a company focused on heart health, we know that starts with you, our patients, and we’re always here for you. We look forward to seeing you soon!

If you’d like to learn more about your heart health dream team at Heartbeat, click here.