Heartbeat News

July 2019:


Heartbeat has officially launched its Wellness Pop-Up campaign, starting with WeWork in NYC. In line with our mission to make cardiology care easily accessible to everyone in order to promote healthier lives for people of all ages, we’re hitting the road. Working long hours can sometimes be inevitable, but that doesn’t have to mean you can’t also check in to see how your health is doing. While you may have been to a health fair/screening before, Heartbeat is taking it to another level. We’re sending our cardiologists to your workplace to not only check your vital signs such as heart rate and blood pressure, but also your blood sugar, cholesterol, and more. Plus, our cardiologists will be there to help explain what your numbers mean. We’ll help you learn about your risk of heart disease to help get you, or keep you, on the right track… all during your lunch break.

We have several more events planned in both the New York and Washington DC areas, so stay tuned. If you’d like for Heartbeat to come to your workplace, send us a message!

June 2019:


Heartbeat’s video visits are off to a great start. We’re proud to announce that we’ve added to our clinical team with some new hires of cardiologists who are not only fantastic clinicians, but also experienced teledoctors.

Wondering why you would want a video visit instead of the usual in-person experience? Well, for those who are coming for their first visit, it allows you to save time and usually an extra trip to office without missing out on anything. Many people who are seeing a cardiologist might need some sort of specialized testing such as an echocardiogram, a stress test, or more, which often requires a separate visit. By taking the first visit from the comfort of your own home or office, our cardiologists will still be able to arrive at the same conclusions in terms of recommendations. You’ll save the travel time getting to and from our office in addition to not even seeing our lovely waiting room. For those who need follow-up appointments after having testing or to talk about medications, lifestyle changes, test results, new symptoms, or just about anything else, a virtual visit allows you the flexibility of often immediate scheduling and the easiest access yet to your cardiologist.

While we still look forward to seeing you in person when you come to check out our new flagship location at 156 W. 56th Street, Ste 1000 or our Upper East location, we’re excited to be able to help you wherever you are. Especially keep this in mind during your summer travels and when your friends and family ask. We’re now able to help people from Brooklyn to Buffalo and the Hamptons to Niagara Falls with more states coming soon.

May 2019:

Telecardiology 1.jpeg

In working toward Heartbeat’s mission to provide the nation’s most accessible Cardiology care, we’ve been taking notes on what works and what doesn’t with healthcare. You asked and we listened. We’re now happy to announce the launch of a new branch of Heartbeat that encompasses how people access much needed Cardiology care. Heartbeat is now offering virtual visits through telemedicine, or more specifically telecardiology.

Telecardiology – providing cardiology care remotely through the use of phone or video call visits – will allow us to see patients sooner, faster, and wherever you are. Furthermore, we believe that through the use of our new online registration, we’ll be able to direct people to the right tests and information even before their first in-person appointment. This will absolutely result in a more efficient process to get you to your answers faster and easier.

Imagine you have something you want to talk to a Cardiologist about. It’s too specialized for an Urgent Care center, but too time-sensitive to wait the average 3 weeks (in NYC) for an initial Cardiology appointment, plus even more time thereafter for the necessary testing and results to help you get to the bottom of what’s going on.

Heartbeat is your solution. Often times, you can get a same-day call back from one of our top-notch Cardiologists from the comfort of your own home or office. This video visit can provide you with the initial steps of ordering appropriate testing and answering your questions, just as you would get from an in-person appointment. Also, reviewing test results or having a follow-up as a video visit may be an option for you too!

If you prefer to come in person or are recommended to based on your televisit, we’ll be excited to see you at our new flagship location at 156th W. 56th St, Suite 1000 or at our Upper East location (59th St and Madison Ave) for all your testing and visit needs. If you or someone you know is interested in joing the Heartbeat team as a Telecardiologist, find out more about the job here.

April 2019:

As Heartbeat continues in our mission to help people live heart healthier lives at any age, we are excited to announce our new flagship location coming soon to 156 West 56th St (at 7th Ave), Suite 1000 right next to the best business suites in Midtown, easily accessible by the A, C, B, D, N, Q, R, W, F, and 1 trains. For those using our Columbus Circle location, you’ll find the new space just as convenient, but with many features that allow us to create a comfortable, collaborative, and just plain awesome environment to optimize heart health.

We are designing the space with you in mind. We will be able to better integrate our engineering, data, operations, and clinical teams allowing everyone on your heart health team to work together to provide you with the best experience possible. Furthermore, you will notice from the moment you walk that light pours in through walls of windows into an office that incorporates a modern, top-notch feel that matches your clinical visit. You’ll quickly realize that Heartbeat is not just a doctor’s office.

We expect to open our doors to the next phase of Heartbeat’s growth in May 2019. Send us a message to set up your next appointment or just stop by to see the flagship location and say hello to Dr. Paz, Dr. Lentnek, and the team!

March 2019:

Heartbeat is always trying to do better for our patients. We are working on helping people find the right doctor or test at the right time and would like your help. By getting information about what matters to you, we’re hoping to change the way people access care to make it more efficient, better, and dare we say easy. Thanks in advance for your participation. Look out for the results and more information about how we’re bringing healthcare into the 21st century!

February 2019:

Ian, labeled headshot.png

Dr. Ian Lentnek is a highly respected Cardiologist in New York City.  Trained as an Internist, Cardiologist, and Electrophysiologist, Dr. Lentnek offers a breadth of skills to patients. He previously operated at an internationally recognized Electrophysiology Laboratory in NYC while building a successful private cardiology practice on Manhattan’s Upper East Side. Dr. Lentnek provides a unique level of personalized care to Heartbeat Health patients. As a medical expert and healthcare consultant, he oversees the Concierge Service, Preventive Cardiology, and Corporate Wellness programs. He receives excellent reviews from a wide range of patients including athletes, corporate executives, and young professionals. Dr. Lentnek is affiliated with Lenox Hill Hospital.

When asked why Heartbeat, Dr. Lentnek explains that it was because of a shared passion for providing excellent patient care. The integration of cutting-edge technology into a team of talented doctors, office staff, and beyond are what attracted him and what he says will really bring Cardiology care to the next level. He says,

“Heartbeat’s ability to seamlessly incorporate new and innovative ideas while maintaining top-notch patient care as the primary goal…”

are what excites him most about joining the team. Please help us welcome Dr. Ian Lentnek to the Heartbeat family.

To find out more information or to set up an appointment, please email us here or call (646) 586-9908.

January 2019:


In case you missed it, our very own Dr. Edo Paz was featured on Now This talking about the ECG app on the new Apple Watch 4. Watch the video here. We know that many will be checking their ECG and wanting someone to help interpret the findings. To help people like you take advantage of this new technology, Heartbeat is making it easy for you to get a STAT read on your very own ECG by offering free interpretations of screen shots. Post it to Twitter and tag @heartbeat with hashtag #ShowUsYourECG and we’ll have your read back in no time. You can also email us anytime at hello@heartbeathealth.com or bring your data to your next appointment for a detailed analysis of what it means for you.

December 2018:

Results Screenshot.png

Everyone has been there… you went to the doctor, had some tests, and then nothing. You call the office and get a report with some numbers next to ranges of normal values and are just left wondering. Instead of leaving people wondering, Heartbeat is committed to helping people truly be a part of their healthcare team. That’s why we’ve created the Heartbeat Results page on your account dashboard that you can access by registering on our website! By logging into your Heartbeat dashboard, you can see your results clearly anytime. Better yet, next to that easy-to-understand explanation of your testing you will always find a picture of any tests you might be curious about or want to share with your primary doctor, such as your electrocardiogram (ECG). If you still have questions, Heartbeat’s team is always available to help you figure out what those results mean for you. Come to one of our two locations in person by booking online, email us, or call/text us anytime at (646) 586-9908.

November 2018:

Coffee Table and Chairs.jpg

Heartbeat is excited to share our recent press from CNBC. Dr. Wessler, Heartbeat’s CEO, says, “I wanted to figure out whether we could go from a reactive to a proactive state.” Although Heartbeat started in 2016 and has been seeing patients for only about 1 year, we are well on our way toward our mission to make heart disease a thing of the past. Through a multidisciplinary team of doctors, engineers, designers, data scientists, patient experience experts, and most importantly you, we are excited to offer a full range of cardiovascular care focused on preventing heart disease at any age. To read the article from CNBC, click here.

October 2018:

Artboard 2

The new and improved check-in process at Heartbeat will be made available in October and will allow your doctor’s visit to be more about seeing the doctor and less about frustrating paperwork and filling in forms. New patients at Columbus Circle and Upper East will be able to register at home before their first visit. By doing that, you’ll be able to spend less time checking in and filling out forms while also helping to prevent errors that often occur with data entry. The new and improved check-in system will also guide you through a process to help us personalize your experience at Heartbeat.

Traditional healthcare is transacted over reams of paper and unnecessarily complex software. We believe that we can reduce the processing time by building a paper-free office and simplifying workflows. The typical stack of forms has been replaced with a simple step-by-step walkthrough on an iPad. Scanning IDs and insurance cards with the built-in camera is fast and effortless. This update also lets our staff put a face to your name and ensures that the insurance information is entered correctly the first time.

Smart Suggestions
We challenged the team to go beyond the blinking cursor. Now when asking for preferred pharmacies and labs, the app will suggest convenient options with a partial address or name. The new app will also let you share information about your other doctors so we can keep your whole healthcare team in the loop.

We are just beginning to scratch the surface on how we plan to use technology to make seeing a cardiologist easier… and dare we say, even fun! Let any Heartbeat team member know when you like something and tell us how we can make it better by dropping us a line at hello@heartbeathealth.com.

September 2018:

Group Photo 2.jpg
Left to right: Nayan Jain (Chief Technology Officer); Dr. Jeffrey Wessler (CEO); Paul Julius (VP Operations); Dr. Aakriti Gupta (Lead Data Scientist); Dr. Mark Abrams (Director of Patient Engagement); Dr. Edo Paz (Clinical Director)

Heartbeat Health and New York Physicians have joined forces! Dr. Edo Paz, Heartbeat’s Clinical Director, has now opened up our second location inside of New York Physicians at 59th and Madison. He’s there three days per week, making access to top-notch cardiology consultations and testing easier than ever for our East Side patients. For those who prefer to visit us at our Columbus Circle location, that option is still available.

Since opening our doors, we have helped more than 300 patients and can’t wait to keep growing our practice. As a company focused on heart health, we know that starts with you, our patients, and we’re always here for you. We look forward to seeing you soon!

If you’d like to learn more about your heart health dream team at Heartbeat, click here.